Containers ordered today will be delivered between March 20th - March 31st


Here are answers to many of the questions we have heard from our valuable customers.

Planter Questions

Prior to your Canoyer at Home delivery, we will send you detailed instructions on how to properly care for and nurture your arrangement. Information will be included on proper watering, fertilization, and suggested pruning tips when applicable to get the longest-lasting enjoyment from your arrangement.

Canoyer at Home arrangements are designed for outdoor display, event during the Winter delivery. Some containers may work indoors provider the sun exposure indoors matches what your outdoor specifications. When in doubt, it may be best to call or e-mail us with your specific question

Ordering Questions

Yes! Canoyer at Home is happy to assist you with any changes you would like to make throughout the year. Changes my include quantity, container size, sun exposure or other preferences. Simply log into your account and update your preferences accordingly.

Yes! We are happy to assist all of our customers with custom work. If you have permanent containers or a unique shapes and sizes that don’t fit with standard measurements for the Canoyer at Home subscription model; or your business has special needs, let us know! 

  • Canoyer at Home can meet with you to learn more about your needs.
  • We will provide a custom quote, specific to your project.
  • Our expert design team and installers will take extra care during each seasonal visit to give your designated areas our signature Canoyer touch.

Most of our Canoyer at Home subscriptions are filled by fundraiser for sports and civic clubs, who receive a generous donation from each subscription. But if you know someone who is interested in a Canoyer at Home planter subscription, or would like for your civic club to learn more about fundraising opportunities, let us know!

Canoyer at Home's focus is simplifying your life by providing a truly grand experience. If you'd like to renew your subscription and continue enjoying our service, there is no need to do anything.

To cancel your subscription, please email us and we're happy to help. Once your cancellation is processed, your subscription fulfillment will continue until credit is depleted. 

Payment Questions

We gladly accept major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Pickup & Delivery Questions

Shipping is always FREE

As long as your delivery address is within the Canoyer at Home service delivery area, no problem! Your credit card will be charged prior to each delivery.

Canoyer at Home delivery is timed optimally for you to get the MOST enjoyment, color, and beauty of each season. At the time of each delivery, we will happily assist with removal of the previous delivery.

You are welcome to keep your planter as long as you'd like. When you are done with it, we'll pick it up when we deliver your next arrangement. To communicate your wish to hold on to the planter, either leave a note on your planter during our delivery dates, or email us at to add a note for our delivery team.

We time our deliveries to avoid extreme heat and freezing temperatures you can get the maximum amount of enjoyment from each planter. You will be notified via e-mail ahead of each delivery, which will typically follow this time frame:

Spring - March 10-24 

Summer - May 17- 30 

Fall - September 10-24

Winter - November 1-December 5

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