Containers ordered today will be delivered between March 20th - March 31st

How it works

Canoyer At Home delivers fresh, seasonal planters at the beginning of each of the four seasons. Tell us the size, sun exposure, and a few preferences and we'll do the rest!

Beautiful, fresh planters are a welcome addition to any home! Whether they adorn your front porch to greet guests or provide a welcome splash of color and fragrance to your patio, fresh flowers and plants are a welcome addition. But not everyone has the time needed or touch to craft arrangements sure to make your neighbors and say “wow”! Canoyer At Home is made with your busy schedule in mind. We take care of the work for you. No mess, no fuss.

Now that you’re here. Complete your subscription to Canoyer at Home, sit back, and relax as we do the work for you; delivery fresh, handcrafted, beautiful arrangements to you home throughout the year.

Select your sun exposure

How the sun hits where you will place your planters is very important. Each Canoyer at Home planter subscription is customer designed to ensure maximum beauty and enjoyment throughout each season. During your subscription setup, you’ll be asked about sun exposure. If you’re not sure how to answer, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Choose your size

Canoyer at Home subscriptions are available in (3) different container sizes. Choose the size that is best for your home, subject to the amount of space you have available. Changes can be made anytime throughout the season, but we ask you make any changes at least two weeks ahead of each seasonal delivery.

We'll Take it From Here

Once you complete your Canoyer at Home subscription, the work on your part is done! We will e-mail prior to each delivery with estimated delivery date, and proper care and watering tips to ensure your custom-made arrangement will look it’s best. There is nothing better than enjoying our seasonal planter delivery service throughout the year. All the beauty, none of the work!

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